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23 January
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I am a university student at the University of New South Wales. I'm a happy girl, most of the time. I surround myself with witty, bitchy and strangely enough, some very innocent souls. I like doing things that will make me laugh (hang out with my friends) or will make me feel fluttery inside (re-watching, YES, RE-WATCHING the old episodes of Gossip Girl and reading fan fictions because the fandom is made up of some amazing, insane people) or will make me feel better about myself (bitching with my bitchy friends or writing creatively because I can express my artistic literary talent or correct people's vocabularies or their grammar).

I was forced to open this account because my WordPress blog is well... bland. And that's a very exclusive blog. No one will really stumble upon it, so to speak.

So... I'm about to get creative and you are about to love me.

Oh pssh, you know you already do. =)